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Want to help get the word out?  Print issues of The Appalachian Oracle will be available for free here on this page.

You can print out copies of these issues below to read yourself, or to distribute at your club or in your neighborhood.

To be involved in other ways, such as submitting or editing articles, distributing the paper, or managing subscriptions, please contact us or visit our staff and careers page to see what positions are open.


The Appalachian Oracle was originally a newsletter that grew out of a grassroots political campaign in a rural area of WV, where not everyone has access to internet, cell service, or even TV. The print newsletter was designed to bring information to people who may otherwise have access to little to no news, or only to national or corporate-funded news.

For that reason, our ideal model is to keep print editions free. Yes, we know that’s crazy, but let’s see how it works out. 

Believe in our message? Your digital subscriptions, as well as grants from organizations like West Virginia Can’t Wait, will pay for printing. And you can help even more by printing out issues on your home printer to distribute to your neighbors. At this time, all our issues will be designed so they can be printed on a home printer in black and white. 

These print issues will contain abridged versions of our digital articles—abridged, because the print edition must remain small enough to print at home. Readers who have internet access can visit this page in order to find PDFs of the print editions, or they can also subscribe to a digital subscription to read the full pieces. Newer articles (or portions of them) will be behind a paywall. Articles from the old campaign, and some new cornerstone and featured pieces, will still be available for free, even digitally.

1. The Appalachian Oracle – Special Print Edition

Here’s an old PDF “Special Edition” of The Appalachian Oracle from the original campaign, designed to be printed on two sides of a sheet of legal paper. Click on the thumbnail for a printable PDF.

The Appalachian Oracle - Special Print Edition

If you already have a copy of The Appalachian Oracle and you’re here to FACT CHECK, good for you! This issue contains abridged versions of the following articles:

  1. West Virginia’s Priority Problem
  2. The Assault on WV Property Values

Visit each article so you can follow the links and see where facts, figures, and other information comes from. Please feel free to look around this site further. If you have questions, contact us.

More issues of The Appalachian Oracle will appear here as they are generated. 

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