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Appalachia is not often what you see depicted on TV or in newspapers from outside of Appalachia—and it’s certainly not how you hear us described by far too many politicians and pundits—owned by fossil fuel, Big Banks, or Big Pharma.

We know that “Appalachia has, for more than a century, been beset by an insidious, reductive, and exceedingly detrimental collective [stereotype]… ‘[O]thering’ Appalachian citizens and reifying Appalachia as a natural-resource-sacrifice zone… has facilitated a century-long fossil-fuel regional hegemony…”

In plain English, fossil fuel interests benefit financially by convincing people outside Appalachia that we deserve to be sacrificed.

We invite you to meet Appalachia beyond the stereotypes.

Below, click the logos to discover and connect with independent grassroots journalism, media projects, podcasts, folk reporting—and/or progressive or civic advocacy organizations—that choose the side of working people and vulnerable populations.

Learn about Appalachia from Appalachians.

List of Appalachian organizations:

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The Appalachian Oracle is run by volunteers. Contributions pay for web hosting and free print newsletters to rural communities across Appalachia.

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