Build Back Better: $15K for the typical WV family

West Virginia working families struggling to meet the costs of child care would receive a huge boost—$15,800 for the typical WV family–from the Build Back Better Act’s child care investment, allowing more parents rejoin to workforce, and more families to be financially secure.

And that’s just one provision of the bill that would massively benefit working families, instead of the wealthy.

Guess who opposes it? One guess, fam. You already know the answer to this.

That’s right. HIM.

And look, about 80% of West Virginians support the bill, including about 77% of conservatives, yet he claims to be representing us.

Many media outlets—fewer recently, thank goodness—repeat his false claims uncritically. Journalists are starting to catch on, though—and he doesn’t like it.

Instead, he’ll be raising money on his opposition. It’s his modus operandi, what he always does.

And, hey… the Twitterverse isn’t taking especially kindly to it.

Want to do something about it? You can call him; you can also email him. Give him a piece of your mind, and be sure to let him know if you’re a constituent, and that you don’t appreciate the way he represents his donors instead of actual West Virginians.

May we also suggest you tweet this article at him?

We hear he has Internet on his yacht.

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