My heritage is not a statue

My great-great-great grandmother, Virginia Jackson Marshall (1846 - 1938), was second cousin to Stonewall Jackson. As a member of this extended family of people, I can tell you what I'd prefer: Take the monument to Stonewall Jackson down.

Frackers vs The Families of Ritchie County, WV

Antero dedicated more than a quarter of a billion building the dump near our drinking water intake. And now they want to argue that their financial interests outweigh the interests of public health and welfare: "Our profit is more important than your lives."

Seven Years Without Water

People are without water, and our representatives are blind to them.

Is a lack of potable, running water really something that citizens of the United States, folks who live right here in the richest country in the world, should be having to fight for, all alone?

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