Poll: What policies would you dump?

After demanding bank bailouts for his donors, one notorious corporate senator is now whining that providing services to working people in exchange for our taxes is an “entitlement mentality.”

He’s insisting the senate dump two of its three top plans to give back to working people what we’ve earned. The expanded child tax credit alone—which is only a temporary program unless we make it permanent in the budget reconciliation proposal—cuts child poverty in half and allows families to get back to work.

For big donors? He can’t bend over far enough.

The people he’s meant to represent? Meh, we just provide the wealth he redistributes to his donors in exchange for that legal kickback: the campaign donation, as he did with his daughter’s company amid the epipen scandal.

Take the poll!

Share your opinion: what policies should a senator representing Appalachia push for?

Submit your vote to view results—then call Manchin’s office——to tell him what he should do for working people, not his wealthy donors.

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