Appalachia: where politicians of both parties sell out their constituents for corporate money, and where we’re more of a resource extraction colony than a state. What area of this country needs a paper focused on the issues of working people more than Appalachia does? Yet there are few areas of this country more hampered by a lack of Internet connectivity to reach digital news, or by poverty, making print news unaffordable.

Enter The Appalachian Oracle: a small, print and digital paper focused primarily on the issues concerning working, rural, and other vulnerable people living in Appalachia, especially in West Virginia, where we’re based. The print issue is designed to be free, to bring important information to rural, impoverished areas about how we can change things.

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In West Virginia, and in Appalachia in general, we CAN address issues—including substance abuse, child hunger, low wages, infrastructure (like roads, bridges, water, sewer, broadband, childcare, and more)—but Democracy requires informed participation. So, why is our area struggling? Because the kleptocrats in charge want to reduce the number of people making choices to those whom they can fool with disinformation—with information meant to cause you to be less informed than you were before hearing it.

They purchase elections and keep people uninformed by keeping wages low so families are working long hours at exhausting and unrewarding jobs. They keep people uninformed by draining public education of money, by driving away good teachers and school personnel, and by sending funds meant for broadband expansion to political cronies instead. They keep people uninformed by passing along conspiracy theories, and repeating corporate talking points. Purchased politicians don’t want their donors to have to pay for things like worker safety, or living wages. And when dirty politicians save their donors money, those donors kick in a portion at election time.

That’s the way the system is meant to work. It’s designed that way.

We need an active, informed, involved electorate… and we need that in every holler of WV, not just in the largest towns.

That’s why The Appalachian Oracle will focus on our shared vision for West Virginia and on issues that will actually help people. Jobs and a clean environment are not mutually exclusive; we don’t have to choose between them, no matter what disinfo dishonest politicians are repeating for money.

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