West Virginia of Our Dreams

We could be a state of gurgling trout fishing streams, clean swimming holes, and vast nature and hunting preserves. We have so many hiking, biking, riding, and cross-country skiing opportunities that, given this state's natural beauty, we should be a top vacation destination. Plus, we can foster real opportunities that will improve WV in the long term.

The Economics of Extraction Debt

No longer do Robber Barons need to plunder villages with swords and arms. With regulatory and/or judicial complicity, the extraction industry can jab a siphon into our veins and drain our lives away. They simply appropriate our air and water, and transform them into wealth for themselves. In essence, Extraction Debt is the modern weapon of corporate pillage. Launch it at a community, and watch the fiscal destruction that follows.

To Catch the Conscience of King Coal

Ken Ward: "The questions that need asked in the wake of this deal between EPA and Jim Justice are less about whether Justice got special treatment, but whether really the entire mining industry gets special treatment — whether we should accept hundreds (or even thousands) of environmental and workplace safety violations as just the cost of doing business. And not for nothing, but we should also be asking questions about exactly how candidates who proclaim that they would end this way of doing business would do so — and political skills to build the sort of support doing so would require, given the state’s and the Legislature’s overall politics. Changing the way we interact with coal companies, or natural gas operators for that matter, isn’t something that can be done with the wave of some magic wand."

The Jim Justice Coal Con

See this for what it is: the robber barons are trying to pocket as much as they can, now. Jim Justice is using this "pledge" as his tool. Resource barons don't want to be responsible for the costs associated with their industries. They want US to pay, no matter the cost.

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