Call to Action – Elect Ellison

The WV Revolution Caucus shared with me their call to action to help Keith Ellison get elected chair of the Democratic National Committee. Now I’m sharing it with you.

We can’t have a Democratic Party based on political cronyism, like we do in WV. Instead, Democrats must take a new direction—a direction away from a government filled with lobbyists, bankers, and corporate donors. We need clean and fair elections with candidates who campaign on principles, who represent what we stand for, and who will fight to help the struggling middle class,  even when they live in rural areas.

So, here’s the Revolution Caucus’ CTA:

Elect Ellison Chair of the Democratic National Committee

We are at a crossroads. The DNC will choose a new leader for the Democratic Party in February. Will the DNC continue with unethical practices, elitism and catering to big donors? Or will the DNC return to when they were the voice of the working class voters?

One person has a plan to provide the leadership that we want and need: Keith Ellison.

Keith Ellison has a proven history of grass roots organizing and small donor support that the National Democratic Party desperately needs. In addition, Keith’s plan includes:

• More than a 50 state strategy: a 3,143 COUNTY strategy
• Providing state and county level organizers with research and technology
• Focusing on low-dollar fundraising
• Placing importance on transparency
• Two-way communication (Wouldn’t that be refreshing?)

Check out more at


WV has 5 voting members on the DNC, and they will be casting their votes next month. We must let them know that we want REAL change at the DNC—and in West Virginia! WV Democrats want Keith Ellison as the next DNC Chairperson. Please contact WV’s DNC voting members, and respectfully let them know what WV Democrats want and need.

Members are:


  1. Write to voting members Biafore, Laird, Maroney and Perdue to ask them to vote for Keith Ellison.
  2.  Thank Elaine Harris for already supporting Keith Ellison.
  3. Share this information with other Democrats in WV! Our DNC members can’t represent us if they don’t know what we want!

A vote for Ellison will help each West Virginia county—even small, rural counties that have been ignored.

I’ll add two more steps. 

4. If you’re among those already corresponding with me, please “blind copy” me on emails you send to members. If you haven’t emailed me yet and don’t have my email address, please use my contact page and it will come to my email address. Having your letters can help us see how responsive (or unresponsive) state leadership is to what WV Democrats want. If you get a response, please feel free to share that with me, too.

5. The Revolution Caucus’ CTA asks us share with Democrats, but I’ll add a few sharing suggestions: Print out the Revolution Caucus’ PDF of this CTA (PDF below), and hand out copies at your meetings, whether they’re county committee meetings,  meetings of Young Democrats, or chapter meetings for the WV Federation of Democratic Women.

Call-to-Action-Revolution- Caucus-PDF: Elect Keith Ellison

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