Poll: Why did YOU vote against the Justice Road Bond?

The Justice Road Bond vote is Saturday, Oct 7, and early voting has occurred already. Some members of both major parties are opposing the bond (and some members of both parties are supporting it).

We’ve already laid out our reasons for opposing the Justice Road Bond—read the post at the link for more details… but briefly,weI’d like to see the cost of road maintenance fall more proportionally on those doing the damage rather than have it being balanced  on the backs of regular people. I’d also like to see the money going to the rural, economically distressed areas that are bearing so many socialized costs of extraction with frack and coal trucks.

That said, we’re curious to see what moved others to oppose the bond. Or did you support it? Share your thoughts. If we’ve missed your reason, there’s also a place to comment below.

Poll: Why did YOU vote against the Justice Road Bond?

Holler from the Hollers! Take the poll—select as many answers as apply—and then see the results…

Keep in mind that when you look at the results, “I voted FOR the bond” is likely to be the top result, because all the NOs aren’t lumped together. To get a better idea of how readers voted, you’ll want to add all the NOs up. (Also keep in mind: this is not a scientific poll at all; this is just an informal poll of readers of this blog.)

4 thoughts on “Poll: Why did YOU vote against the Justice Road Bond?

  1. If the Road Bond passes it will, also, take out homes. Where is the concern for West Virginians safety & well being? Many working West Virginians are struggling financially. This Road Bond is fiscally irresponsible. Why are so many trying to ram this Rd. Bond through? Oh, yes, in America we follow the money. Damned are we about environmental consequences. When will we learn we can’t eat, breathe, drink money?


  2. That you for this nice, handy, abbreviated listing of all the reasons to be opposed to the bond. This will help a lot toward drafting something for publication in area newspapers, explaining all the “No” votes against the bond.


  3. I voted against it because my son pointed out to me that Justice had proposed raising gas taxes to pay for road repair, which would have been a fair way to do it since the people driving the most miles, with the lowest MPG vehicles, would have paid most as they should. My understanding was that this was reflexively shot down by Republicans under a “no new taxes” frame, so instead we have a bond, where we still spend the money but just further indebt ourselves to cover the costs. Of course it means new taxes–just paying it in the future, and with the costs of long-term interest we pay at least twice as much. This is stupid and irresponsible. I also don’t see the roads as being in such bad shape (I live in Roane County–which is slated to get some money, including for s a bypass that likely is unnecessary).


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