I was dragged out of the WV House Chambers because I listed Delegates’ campaign donors.

By Lissa Lucas

As I tried to give my remarks at the public hearing this morning on HB4268 in defense of our constitutional property rights, I got dragged out of House chambers.

Why? Because I was listing out who has been donating to Delegates on the Judiciary Committee.

This is, of course, public information.

Allow me to point out that if Delegates genuinely think that my talking about who their campaign donors are—and how much they’re receiving from corporate lobbyists/corporate PACs—is an ad hominem attack… then they should be refusing those donations.

Yeah, refuse any donation that, if someone mentions it, makes you feel personally attacked.

Because that’s not an attack. That’s guilt. And you SHOULD be feeling that. Let that guilt about who you’re really working for inform your votes; don’t let the corporate money do it.

Watch the video, then read my remarks as prepared

Here is the vid

You may not be able to hear it very well, but I ended with a shout of…

Montani Semper Liberi!

I veered from the prepared remarks almost immediately… because I followed Woody Thrasher, who predictably said, more or less, “But we have to let corporations steal from mineral owners, because JOBS!”

(I paraphrase… but not that much.)

Prepared Remarks

I’m Lissa Lucas from beautiful Ritchie County, WV, right in the front lines of the Marcellus. I’m a mineral owner. And I’m here to tell you that ALL of us, no matter our party, want our property rights protected. The attack on property rights is an assault on rural people, and it goes against both party platforms.
While lobbyists have the money to buy your time at fancy gatherings like the Wine and Whisky gala at the Marriott on Wednesday—members of the public have been allotted just about 2 minutes each to make the case for our rights, so I’ll just have time to talk about four delegates.

CHARLOTTE LANE – Kanawha County (D35) $9,500/$48,770 about 20%
Delegate Lane has received money from
1. AEP $2,000.00
2. MARATHON $2,000.00
3. FIRSTENERGY $2,000.00
4. DOMINION $1,500.00
5. EQT $1,000.00 << 5 of the top 6
9. TIMOTHY P ARMSTEAD CAMPAIGN CMTE – $150.00 I’ll get to why I’m mentioning him in a minute

JOHN SHOTT Mercer (D27) – $11,250/$64,350 – about 17%
1. FIRSTENERGY $2,000.00
2. App Power $2,000.00
3. STEPTOE & JOHNSON $2,000.00 – Gas and oil Law firm
4. CONSOL ENERGY $1,000.00
6. EQT $1,000.00
7. MARATHON $1,000.00
8. DOMINION $1,000.00
9. NOBLE ENERGY $500.00
10. GOPAC $250.00
12. WV LAND & MINERAL OWNERS PAC $250.00 The WV Mineral Owners Coalition is AGAINST this bill. This PAC is unrelated appears to be a front for out-of-state resource barons and attorneys who represent the energy industry.

JASON HARSHBARGER (Ritchie D7) $3500/$9300 – 38%
1. Harshbarger – He works for Dominion, and donated $2k to his campaign. If you count that, he got 59% of his campaign cash from energy interests $5500/$9300 –
2. DOMINION $1,000.00
3. EQT CORP $500.00
5. FREDRIK ERIC NELSON JR CAMPAIGN CMTE $500.00 (Delegate Nelson’s top donors are the same top donors as everyone I’ve spoken about here, and in fact he received $23K from anti-property rights corporations like Dominion, EQT, AEP.)
7. GOPAC $250.00
8. HALL, JASON & STEPHANIE (Hall Drilling) $250.00
10. ARMSTEAD FOR HOUSE 2014 $150

Delegates you cannot, without the appearance of impropriety—and likely without actual impropriety—vote for this bill.

For those watching online or in the gallery, if your delegate votes to give away your rights to their corporate donors, you should get behind a candidate who’ll work for YOU, rather than someone who is getting paid to hand over your property rights to corporations. Save for Del Harshbarger, there are Republicans challenging them in the primary, and a Democrat who will challenge the winner, so in most cases there’s someone no matter your political persuasion.

Full disclosure: There is a Democratic challenger for Harshbarger—that would be me. But I’m here to talk about the sale of our constitutional rights, not to campaign. So let’s move on to Delegate Armstead.

Armstead is not a member of this committee, but he’s the guy who makes committee assignments for his party. His donors include the usual suspects—AEP, EQT, Dominion, FirstEnergy, etc. He got nearly $20K ($19,550) from energy donors, about 21% of his total. He seated on this committee everyone I’ve just talked about, and people I haven’t been allotted the time to talk about. Yeah, he’s working for those same donors, too.
Delegates, voting to help the corporations that bought you is moral turpitude. And if y’all vote to enable Big Government to tell tax paying citizens what we can do with our own durn property, you can bet there will be people like me coming out of the woodwork to challenge you… and to make sure you either represent the people, or you get the hell out.


192 thoughts on “I was dragged out of the WV House Chambers because I listed Delegates’ campaign donors.

  1. As others have stated, you are a HEROINE! I don’t live in your state but you’d definitely get my vote if I did.

    You were dignified and pointed out the hypocrisy and money all those politicians are getting, allowing their vote to be bought for something that will only enrich the energy companies to the detriment of their constituents. They are so greedy.

    You should have never been removed from the floor. As you mentioned, members of the public affected by those bills have very little time to express their views, even when invited to do so, while lobbyists get unlimited time and attention. I love how you called on them to renounce the lobbyists’ contributions if they feel so attacked by one woman who pointed out their hypocrisy!

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  2. I am VERY proud of you. Never stop, don’t give in. The government works for the people, not the other way around. KEEP IT UP! Maybe mentor young folks, too!


  3. You were assaulted the minute they put their hands on you. They do not have the authority to do what they did. You should bring charges against the men responsible…


    1. She was kicked out on a technicality. She broke their arbitrarily enforced rules. I feel like if she could have made these points without naming the legislators directly she might have gotten her whole 1:45. Then again, that wouldn’t have been as interesting of a video.

      Calling this assault is really missing the mark. Lissa had an excellent point in that the multinational corporations have free access to the political process while we don’t even get 2 minutes at a time.

      _She is a patriot and i give her full credit for that._ I still think it’s a stretch at best to say to say she was denied her free speech rights or that she was assaulted. Once the gavel wielder decides somebody is out of order, it’s their prerogative who has to leave or not.

      I love her passion and want her to succeed in this battle. Donating to her campaign is much more effective than contributing to the overhyped victim narrative.

      Good work, Lissa!

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      1. Yeah, I just saw in a Gazette article this morning that now Shott is saying I could have gone on if I’d left the names out. Seems like the easy way to accomplish that without embarrassing himself so much would have been to simply say “please refer to individuals by district.” I has all that written down and could easily have complied. I wonder why he thought it was a better idea to have me dragged out?

        I wonder, hmmmm.

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  4. Awesome Lisa! Progressives everywhere stand with you! I should ask though who is the person shutting you down?


  5. Lissa you are what this era needs….a REAL American hero…inspiring….. voice of ordinary people….you made some oily Politicians a little uncomfortable …..more power to you …same issues here in Australia …we need a Lissa Lucas here too!

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  6. Just read about this on Zerohedge, good for you and your principled stand, I hope the good people of West Virginia get behind your campaign. All the best from London UK

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  7. Hi Lissa, I teach Citizenship to adults in San Diego. I want to show my students the video because they have learned the Bill of Rights. They know that what happened to you is against our Constitution. Thank you for standing up to the corruption. Good Luck!

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  8. Why don’t newspapers inform the public of these corporate political “donations”, why is it kept hush-hush? And wow no wonder corporate profits stink, there are so many politicians demanding bribes.

    Not good!

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  9. What are their email addresses? Let’s let them know what we all think! By the way, Charlotte Lane hails from Polecat Holler! That figures!
    Somewhere there’s a civil rights lawsuit in all of this.


  10. Was shared in a woman’s group I belong to..You are Today’s SHERO!!stand strong, take them on!


  11. Speak your mind! You are a hero to so many of us. Please know you are supported all over the country. We are all sick about what is happening to our protected lands, the environment, our children (dreamers) and in general the attack on our institutions. Be a loud voice. Thank you.

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  12. Your video of testifying before the WV state legislature has gone viral and I’ve seen it a few times. I also sent it to my Mom and uncle, who were born in Charleston. Although I can’t vote for you because I live in Virginia, I hope you win your seat! You are exactly the type of person that WV needs! I also sent you a small campaign contribution because you inspired me. Keep up the good work!

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  13. I look forward to sharing this with my Public Adminstration class at Portland State University.

    Thank you for your bravery and determination.

    Power to the people!

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  14. You did the right thing. They were embarrassed so they shut you up. If more folks do what you did, maybe we’d be in a much better place.

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  15. Wow! This is a real “drain the swamp’. There should be rules that recipients of cash from oil companies be recused from any voting on any of these issues.

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  16. Bravo! How much did the guy who ruled you “out of order” and the other ones who dragged you out get from gas and oil?


    1. That was Delegate John Shott, and he’s listed above. The guys who took me out were the guards, and are nice guys who deserve better pay.


  17. It is outrageous that the public would be silenced at a public hearing on issues impacting governing and this HB. There is a clear and blatant conflict of interest of these delegates on the judiciary committee. They should NOT be allowed to vote due to their conflict of interest.

    I hope to see the follow up to this that these delegates votes are nulled and voided and if they can be fined, then they shluld be. This has to STOP!

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  18. Wow! you reveal the emperors and empresses are cloaked in the green of donors. May there be a long line of the brave who follow you to do the same. Let the truth rain down and keep it up. Thank you for your research and courage.

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  19. Well done, Lissa. Channel 4 in the UK has picked up your story in the United Kingdom. You did a brave thing.

    Christopher, Scotland.

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  20. If these legislators don’t recuse themselves from voting on this bill, then you have every right to “get personal” and out them as the bought-and-paid-for clowns they are. It was outrageous that they cut your microphone and dragged you out of there. For your courageous act, $100 is going straight to the Team Lissa campaign fund from me, a public elementary school teacher who doesn’t even live in West Virginia. It’s time to take America back from the corporations and billionaires who think they own America and can rob us blind.


  21. “While lobbyists have the money to buy your time at fancy gatherings like the Wine and Whisky gala at the Marriott on Wednesday—members of the public have been allotted just about 2 minutes each to make the case for our rights!” Best. THIS!!! Best comment ever and it is past time somebody said it. I have been a registered Republican since turning old enough to vote. And even I can admit that what happened here was wrong and probably unconstitutional. This isn’t a party issue or a jobs issue. This is about property rights. It amazes me that the my party, who claims to be all about personal and fiscal responsibility, is willing to take those very things away from property owners in this state. I have emailed and called every single one of my representatives as well as the State party chair and I urge everybody else to do the same. This CANNOT be allowed to stand.

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