Oil leak in Upshur – Video

Leaking toxins: that’s among the burdens regular citizens regularly bear in frack impacted areas. Luckily this leak was spotted; others may not be.

Is stuff like this headed toward your creek? Into your drinking water source? BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID.

Then do something about it. Vote for people, no matter the party, who will make sure West Virginians are not paying for corporate greed and carelessness with their lives and health, or the beauty of their properties.

This spill is from a traditionally drilled well.

Via Tom Berlin:

[W]e had a rather substantial oil spill on our property a little over a year ago from an Energy Corporation of America well. Well, guess what…we have an oil leak from same well.

Was going out to my tractor shed and smelled oil. Walked on hill and found oil bubbling up from pipeline on the well site. The leak, this time, is NOT inside their so-called containment area, but is bubbling up and flowing on ground.

First rain and that oil is headed to Elk Lick, then to West Fork River and on downstream. Have put in the call [to the WV DEP]. .. ECA has many leaking gas lines in Upshur County.

How can we trust them with new wells and pipelines when they will not maintain their old stuff?


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