How can EQT screw you today?

Via local attorney Scott Windom:

“This is a recent permit modification that is completely the opposite of the way that the royalty should be paid. It says that they (working interest) will take 1/8th out of the proceeds before paying the owners of the OGM their royalty.

“That means royalty is 1/8 of 7/8 instead of 1/8 of 8/8.

“Thus, if a well makes $1M, the royalty should be $125,000.00. The way this is worded, it would be $109,375.00.

“EQT gets an additional $15,625.00 of the OGM owner’s money that it does not deserve.”

This is just not fair dealing. Whether they’re trying to slip off with $15K, $15 hundred, 15 dollars, or 15 cents, people here deserve to be treated fairly, don’t you think?

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