Report: EPA pipeline reviews “Inadequate and Ineffective”


“The main conclusions from this study: EPA, in every case, identified important information and analyses that should have been included in the Draft Environmental Impact Statements (DEISs) but was not, assigning ratings of ‘insufficient information’ for each of the eighteen project reviews….

“A DEIS currently open for public and agency comment, for the Mountain Valley Pipeline, exhibits many of the same flaws and omissions that EPA has identified over and over for the last three years and more. EPA must say ‘enough.’ The precedent that has already been set by FERC and by EPA’s failure to act more forcefully in its responses to FERC must be reversed.”

Read Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition’s new report in its entirety: “Inadequate and Ineffective” (PDF)

We should not expect this situation to improve under Pruitt.

Emails released by FOIA request recently have shown Pruitt has baldly colluded with lobbyists for ALEC, Koch brothers’ orgs, and other fossil fuel interests to remove our protections—in some cases simply adding government letterhead to industry talking points—and allowing Resource Barons to profit at our expense while Pruitt received large campaign donations from those organizations.

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